Why Liverpool and Manchester United turned down

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Former chief scout Mold reveals why Liverpool and Manchester United turn down the chance of signing Haaland as a teenager.

Former Molde scout John Wick said he was impressed with Erling Haaland’s training sessions with the team and how the big teams in the english premier league football Miss the chance to sign for Norwegian wonderkid, Haaland spent his career at Molde in the Norwegian top-flight between 2017-2019 before moving to Red Bull. Lezburg. While manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tried to convince Manchester United to sign Haaland to join the army.

Wurling trains on the field. He had been with us for 7-8 months then, and he trained very hard to be part of the team. I remember walking up to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who was manager at the time, and telling him: ‘You have to call Manchester United. Guys, what we’re looking at is surreal,” Vick told the Athletic

We will not be able to hold him in the team for a long time, of course. Ole agreed with me everything and replied to me. “I’m going to call them, Man United must be aware of the talent of this kid.

” I knew I wouldn’t be with the team anymore. I told Ole to call Nicky Butt (Red Devils head of youth at the time) or anyone else because this kid was amazing

Since before Erling even played seriously with Molde, Ole called him to name the Red Devils, but after that they had no plans. Continuing from that? I can’t know.”

Manchester United did not move forward in their attempts to sign Haaland at the time when he touched pen to paper with Salzburg as they spent the summer of 2018 at the same time. Moving forward to grab Fred and Diogo Dalot from Shakhtar, Donetsk and Porto, respectively

” Liverpool should get him Arsenal is another team that should get him. Everyone has been keeping a close eye on Haaland’s footsteps, but the clubs view the striker in the No.9 role as being tall and full of talent. I can assure you that you cannot underestimate him that much.”

“At the time I didn’t really like the way he played with his back to the goal. He can’t head the ball well. But I like the way he flips the ball. Attack the opponent’s empty space. Speed ​​defeats opponents between lines. Movement in the penalty area He doesn’t want to be in possession of the ball with him for long. He just wants to turn the ball around as quickly as possible