Van Dijk hopes to speed up his form to boost Liverpool performance

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Van Dijk hopes to speed up his form to boost Liverpool performance.

Virgil van Dijk has admit. He wants to take responsibility for Liverpool ‘s uneven performance this season, Which has scratchy at the start of the new season.

The 31-year-old defensive line remains an important force in Liverpool’s defense. But in the start of the new season He has been moderately criticized for his performance in conceding goals in a row, with Liverpool’s first six games. They have drawn three games and left them with just seven points in the Premier League. While in the Champions League they had a poor 4-1 defeat to Napoli in shape.

“If we do well Surely we will all be honored and honored. But if the performance is definitely not good, we
must accept the criticism. And we have to work hard to raise the level of play. The only way to do this is to keep playing. learn from mistakes Don’t listen to outside noise too much. Talk only to people close to you.”

“I’ve said it many times. We are all human beings And we all want our work to come out as good as we can. And I know we can do better than we do now. We are much better than that.”

“I was in a lot of pain every time we conceded a goal. I feel responsible for what happened. that’s what i want I want to make this season good again. it’s not for me But it’s good for everyone in the Liverpool team.”