Van Dijk admits he was wrong about his form

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Van Dijk admits he was wrong about his form as a result of Liverpool start of the season.

Virgil van Dijk, defender of Liverpool Football Club of the English Premier League football battle. Opened to feel guilty for being part of the agency’s start to the new season with a poor performance as they managed to win only two of the first 6 league games and also opened the UEFA Champions League. With a devastating 4-1 defeat to Napoli last week.

the Red Machine team revived their opening nest at Anfield, beating Ajax 2-1 with a goal from Joel Matip in 89th minute is the return to win the first match in the last 3 games.

“If we do a good job We will definitely be appreciated. But if we can’t do it well enough We won’t get it,” Van Dijk said in an interview. “But I still think we still need to improve our performance. And that is acceptable. The only thing we can do is look forward to playing. learn from mistakes not listening to outside noise and open up to the people we are close to.”

“I have said many times that we are all human beings. We all want to do well together, just like me. I realize I can do better. We can do better.”

“I feel the pain that we conceded and couldn’t keep a clean sheet. including feeling responsible But that’s a good thing. I want to turn the work around for us this season. Not only me but also everyone involved with the club.”