Mac Allister as the most beautiful goal of his career.

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Alexis Mac Allister, Liverpool midfielder would like to consider the goal he scored in yesterday’s 4-3 win over Fulham. As the most beautiful goal of his career. It is also important as his first goal for his new agency.

Mac Allister collected the missed header from rival striker Raul Jimenez in front of his own penalty area. Then a right-foot half-volley from 27 yards shot powerfully through the air and into the triangle at the far post ทางเข้า UFABET 

Either the beauty of the goal or the importance of it. Argentinian midfielder rises to number one career ranking.

 He said on the official website. 

“I scored a nice shot against Leicester when I was playing for Brighton. But it was confiscated.”

“So I think the goal I just scored was the best goal I scored in my life.” 

“It’s considered a good start to his career at Liverpool as a goalscoring star!” 

“Touching the ball leaving my feet. I knew it was definitely going in. It was a really cool goal.”

“Like I always learned when I was played in the number 6 position. It’s not so much worrying about scoring goals or assists because there’s other work to be done. But when you can shoot it, it’s cool.”  

At the same time, the 24-year-old midfielder also praised Wataru Endo his team mate. Who came on as a reserve and created an offensive-defensive balance. Including the 3-3 equalizer which was a real game changer. 

“I think Endo has really changed the game. Because of the goals he scored and because the way he played helped the team to create the right balance.”

“Maybe when Jurgen Klopp takes me off. The team goes on the offensive and we need players like Endo.” 

“I’m very happy to be with you. He is really nice and deserves his performance.” 

The home game of the ‘ Reds ‘ is strong because they have not lost to anyone since. Being beaten 2-5 by Real Madrid in the Champions League last February .