Klopp is unhappy with Chelsea owner’s

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Klopp is unhappy with Chelsea owner’s idea of ​​Premier League hosting an ‘All-Star Game’

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has expressed his dissatisfaction with Chelsea owner Todd Bohly’s idea of ​​allowing the Premier League to hold an “all-star game”.

Bohly, owner of the American club Chelsea. It owns the American sports club business, including the LA Dodgers in baseball, as well as the LA Lakers and LA Sparks in basketball. which will have competition All-Star Game Every Season And he thinks the Premier League can do the same. But not for Klopp, who sees it as difficult. And fans are unlikely to respond to such an idea.

“He wants to lead the Harlem Globetrotters. (Basketball team that focuses on entertainment) come here?”

“If he can find a date to play then give me a call. In American sports, players have a break of about 4 months, but in Europe it’s not like that. Maybe he could explain the reasoning for this and let’s talk. However, I’m not sure the audience would like to see the Liverpool players. And Manchester United players, including Everton, play on the same team. or whether to combine with Newcastle another team This is not a national team game. Or you could bring players from London clubs together. Arsenal – Spurs Let’s play together like that?”