Tiger Dragon card formula, no secret tricks, master level.

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Tiger Dragon card formula, no secret tricks, master level. Let’s go see Study here UFABET

Tiger and Dragon formula. Secret formula to make hundreds of thousands of money.

Dragon Tiger card game is another online casino game. That is very popular among gamblers. Because of its easy betting style and quick payouts. With Baccarat cards. But will measure the result of losing and winning with only 1 card per side. Which is divided into Tiger (Tiger) and Dragon (Dragon) sides. Players choose to bet on either side.

Whoever scores more points wins, and this one card will the deciding factor. Which side will be the winner? by measuring the results from. The card points that appear on that card, hich today we have brought the techniques and formulas for playing cards, tigers, dragons to leave your friends. To increase the chances of making a profit from betting The way to play is as follows.

Techniques for viewing card layouts

1. Tiger-Dragon card layout This is the basic technique for betting on this type of card. with a method that is not difficult to observe by which the card is Either side wins in a row, for example. The dragon side has won 5 consecutive turns, the chance of the dragon coming out the 6th time is very high. that the card will come out as a dragon again

2. Table tennis card layout formula The use of this technique will feature the cards that are alternating between each side. Like playing ping-pong such as and like this, etc. which when opening a table tennis card We recommend players to bet alternately until the cards change.

3. Double-sided playing cards This technique is similar to that of ping pong cards. but different in that The result will come out in pairs alternating. Which if this card comes to recommend you to go down. Go until the card layout changes.