Techniques for the path of fishing game

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Techniques for the path of fishing game.

1. No need to splash bullets.  for new players who just learn to play fish shooting game. Often thought that splashing a bullet. Swiping around has a chance to kill fish more easily. But it’s actually quite the opposite. how to shoot fish. The most profitable is saving the most ammo. Focus on shooting only one fish to die first. The more fish die with less ammunition.  Let’s go see Study here UFABET

For example, if there are 4 players in the room. 3 people shoot fish 4 points. Meaning that each person has 2 points each. So the gambler can kill the fish with only 4 shots. Will get 2 equal points etc.

2. Use a mustache technique.  is a popular technique To play fishing game. Experts like to use it a lot, that is, to focus on only one big fish. But this technique is not very suitable for beginners. Because the various items obtained may not be enough. 

To shoot big fish to die by bullet only a few minutes. Would like to have a mustache technique. Try to use the corner of the screen to your advantage. when firing a fishing game bullet into the corner of the screen will bounce to hit the fish in different directions That means that you will hit 1 fish 2 shots, saving ammunition. and make the big fish have a chance to die faster

3. Master technique Technique of this fish shooting game It may cost a lot of money. because I have to add ammunition in shooting fish Have the gambler shoot at the wall. to make the bullet bounce back to the fish But while the bullets were running 

To repeat the shot at the target fish as well. Equal to shooting 2 shots at the same time giving. That fish a chance will die instantly is very high but at the cost of using more ammunition and requires accuracy in shooting success trend Must wait for the fish to swim around the right angle first. Because if the fish swims to another corner very low chance of success 

It may seem simple. ฺut it actually depends on many factors. Importantly, the gambler must try to play. to create your own experience to accurately estimate the timing of the shot