What is the risk of losing consciousness?

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For those blackouts It’s a symptom of unconsciousness. Caused by a temporary decrease in blood supply to the brain The brain, which is the control center of consciousness, is temporarily deprived of oxygen, causing the patient to lose consciousness. The UFABET report

In some cases, there may be early warning signs such as

  • Dizziness, suffocation
  • Feeling dizzy, dizzy, dizzy
  • blurry eyes, see flashes of light
  • Cold flashes from the tips of the hands and feet
  • squeamish

However, symptoms of blackouts What could be a sign? Add will tell you about it.

 normal fainting

can occur for many reasons

  • very stressed
  • Unsuitable weather and environment
  • low sugar
  • pressure drop
  • tired
  • lose water
  • lying down or sitting for a long time

heart palpitations

born from

  • arrhythmia
  • Structural abnormalities of the heart
  • Acute coronary artery occlusion

Blackouts from brain disorders

It may be caused by an abnormality of the cerebral blood vessels such as rupture, constriction or aneurysm, or it may be caused by the nervous system such as epilepsy.

 Dangerous flash

Dangerous blackouts are different from normal blackouts:1. Prolonged loss of consciousness, loss of consciousness, even after calling or shaking.2. Blackout3. Sudden heartbeat Feeling short of breath, rapid heartbeat4. Flickering and crooked face5. Bleeding bloody diarrhea6. Diarrhea, severe vomitingBlackout symptoms that look normal but are actually very scary. The best way is to maintain your health. and notice the symptoms that happen to yourself Do not neglect it at all.