Including ways to cure hangover, not enough sleep

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Including ways to cure hangover, not enough sleep, ready to go to work brightly

A hangover after waking up can be uncomfortable for many people. Going through life, I feel so numb and uncomfortable that I don’t want to get out of bed. Why are you so sleepy because you don’t get enough sleep? Late night partyers, heavy drinkers, but have to go to work in the morning, let’s gather here. Because today, Goodlife will share with you how to get everyone out of a hangover and sleepless enough to be ready to go to work the next day. Let’s be bright. The UFABET report

1. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water helps us flush out the remaining alcohol from the body through urination. Because if you don’t drink water often The amount of alcohol that we drink will cause the body to become dehydrated. thickens our blood causing us to feel dizzy and have a headache That’s why when we drink alcohol until we start to feel drunk, our friends make us drink plenty of water.

2. Drink orange juice or ginger juice.

Vitamin C in orange juice will help reduce dizziness, cure hangovers and compensate for dehydration after heavy drinking. The ginger will help with the respiratory system. The spiciness from the ginger water will make us feel more comfortable and relieved. It also helps reduce headaches and improves the excretory system. This allows us to drain the alcohol better.

3. Drink lemon juice mixed with warm water.

to drink something warm It will help make us feel better from the uncomfortable and dizzy. Therefore, drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water or honey is a good cure for a hangover. The important thing is that drinking helps reduce the amount of toxins in the liver as well.

4. Take vitamins

when alcohol enters the body Alcohol circulates into the bloodstream throughout the body and transports it to our brains. Taking vitamin B1 and B6 helps reduce dizziness, dizziness, and numbness of the hands and feet. reduce hangover Refresh and rejuvenate the body that does not have enough sleep to return to be bright. Anyone who likes to go to parties late at night and drink heavily often is advised to at least have B-complex vitamins at home.

5. Eat sweet fruit.

The fruit that is most recommended to eat is bananas because bananas contain potassium. when we drink heavily We excrete potassium through urine. We need to eat bananas to replenish potassium. that helps prevent dehydration Stomach coating makes the body absorb less alcohol and drive out faster

6. Eat soft food or eat boiled eggs, bread.

Shouldn’t leave your stomach empty. Eat light, hot meals such as rice porridge, soup or porridge to prevent stomach irritation from digestive juices. Or choose to support your stomach with boiled eggs. with protein to help trap toxins, and bread to help absorb toxins and prevent vomiting

7. Exercise lightly.

I believe that many people read it and want to say no to this method immediately. Because I don’t want to exercise when I’m dizzy. But this is a method that helps excrete the alcohol through sweat. try running for a bit Do some push-ups. let the body sweat Plus it helps to solve hangovers. and make the body feel rejuvenated as well

8. Take antacids to balance.

Heavy drinking can cause severe heartburn. Because alcohol is acidic It can bite the stomach full, so taking antacids that contain sodium bicarbonate along with water. will help relieve acidity pain relief and restore balance to the body

9. Use cold water to help.

How to make us feel refreshed and reduce headaches easily. Is to wipe your face and wipe your body with cold water. Should use a compress on the face and head. Or choose to take a cold shower to wake up the body as if to bring consciousness back. and can improve hangover symptoms