6-7-8 great formula to lose weight

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Lose weight is another thing that admin admits that it’s not easy. But if you have the will, it’s not difficult. Because there are many formulas many ways to choose like today’s recipe Adjusted according to the life clock with a 6-7-8 time that works for everyone. with certification from Bancha Dangniam, the author of the book Life Watch, Secret Recipe for Good Shape Amarin Health Publishing Including being the inventor and experimenting himself until confident in the results. The UFABET report

6:00 a.m.

wake up in the morning go to the bathroom Do light exercise for about 30-60 minutes, such as biking, brisk walking, yoga, anything that gets your heart beating about 60-70 percent of your age’s maximum rate. (maximum rate that the heart can take Calculated by taking the number 220 – age) because when waking up, blood sugar levels are lowest. when exercising the body will gradually Use all the sugar in no time, on average 15-30 minutes, then switch to use the accumulated fat as energy.

7:00 a.m.

Stop exercising, take a shower, get dressed, if you can take a cold shower, the better. Taking cold showers can trigger muscle tremors. Help speed up the metabolism in another way. And the trembling muscles push blood to the fat cells. cause longer fat burning and should not eat any food besides water to help balance out fat burning

8:00 a.m.

Eat a big breakfast, chew slowly and long, with carbohydrates. Can I have some dessert? You can drink coffee afterwards. Because coffee helps digestion and metabolism. In addition, caffeine will help stimulate blood circulation. But it is recommended that it should be black coffee.

Dr. Bancha further explained that This formula can lose weight on average 1 kg per week. The highest record that someone can do is 6 kg in 1 month. There may be a helper that is 1.000-2,000 mg of fish oil and about 100 mg of coenzyme Q10 by eating before starting exercise. exercise in the morning each day The working mechanism is Fish oil will be absorbed in the bloodstream during the time when the body has burned all the sugar and is about to turn to fat for energy instead. Is like an inducer to burn continuously and another feature is Fish oil can help reduce inflammation. It rarely causes muscle pain when exercising. The coenzyme 10 will help eliminate free radicals. Makes the body not tired after exercise