4 benefits of “serum foundation” How good is it?

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4 benefits of “serum foundation” How good is it? Let’s see!

among all cosmetic products Foundation is probably the hardest product to buy. Because it’s not just choosing a brand that you like and it’s over. But still have to choose a foundation formula and a variety of properties that are suitable for different people Some people may prefer a foundation with the highest level of coverage, while others may prefer a foundation with sheer coverage. Because I want my skin to look natural. “Serum formula foundation”

But no matter what kind of foundation you like in particular The purpose of using foundation is the same for everyone: to make your makeup look smooth, radiant, and even. Let’s get to know the serum formula foundation. The UFABET report

How to apply serum foundation

If you want smooth skin like silk It doesn’t look thick or fall into the groove. Serum foundation would be the right answer. But since it has a different texture than other formulas, it may take some time to adjust to it. but actually No matter what foundation formula If it’s your first time using it, you’ll have to find a new suitable foundation weight anyway. But if you try to study information about various foundation formulas, such as the article on how to apply foundation like a professional from Pro Review, it will help us save a lot of time.

It will be recommended to use a clean makeup sponge dipped in water and squeezed into the foundation. Especially if using a teardrop-shaped sponge, it will help to spread the foundation. Whether it’s a watery texture or a creamy texture, it goes smoothly with the skin. Or, use a tube to apply foundation to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin before gently spreading outward with a makeup sponge. to get a smooth and flawless skin If there are areas that need more coverage, wait 30 seconds before reapplying foundation. serum foundation

4 benefits of serum foundation

I guess many people are more interested in serum foundation. So I want to understand what can help the skin look radiant. So let’s go and study the benefits of serum-based foundation.

Helps to reduce the skin care routine in the morning.

Before starting the day and stepping out of the house brightly Never forget to apply moisturizer and sunscreen. For people who have little time and have a tight schedule each day. Would like to have a complete product in one to help nourish the skin. Serum foundations often come with properties that both help slow down aging and retain moisture. Plus some models, some brands also act as sunscreen.

smooth with skin

Almost everyone must have been tired and discouraged from finding their trusted foundation before. Because like a foundation with maximum coverage, it may cause dry skin to look aged or look deep grooves. While tinted moisturizers may not make your skin oily, they are. But it can’t provide coverage that lasts all day.

But for serum-based foundations, it can be used with almost all skin types. because it has medium coverage while still giving a light and not heavy texture to the skin Make the foundation smooth with the skin. The kind that can hardly see that the foundation is applied.

Has anti-aging properties

Most serum foundations contain anti-aging ingredients like resveratrol, found in red wine. Resveratrol can help reduce facial redness. and can relieve sunburned skin Another ingredient with anti-aging properties is bamboo extract. that in addition to making the skin soft, look radiant It also helps strengthen collagen in the skin as well.

can increase the level of concealment

The method of applying serum foundation is different from other foundations, in fact, everyone should be able to notice it. That serum foundation usually comes in a glass bottle with a suction tube. Many people who like to use general pump foundation tend to tease that serum foundation is too much. But if someone likes to control the amount and degree of concealment by themselves, it will be a plus. Because the straw that comes with the bottle allows us to control the amount easier. This makes it ideal for gradually increasing the coverage over time.

Which would have to give credit to the light texture and easy-to-use foundation apparatus. which makes you worry about the face looking thick or the foundation clumping and flaky Especially if you’re looking for a perfect summer foundation. Serum foundation can be said to be born especially for you.